Create an online store

Start an online store

We have created a service thinking about business as well. Multi-channel and easy to use Finqu makes it possible to sell through various channels and also on mobile devices. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Customer service always helps

Start selling without any startup fees. You pay the fee only for the time your store is set public. Free customer service is for everyone who use Finqu not depending on whether your store is public or not. We believe that a satisfied merchant will stay in Finqu.

Creating templates is our desire

Responsive Finqu templates work perfectly on mobile devices. You can get your desired look to your store easily. Just drag and drop the elements to their place.

Magic word: SEO

With Finqu you can rise to top search results. We concentrate on search engine optimization with great pleasure. By putting lots of effort into the development of SEO we make your online store as visible as possible

Payment and Shipping

Choose payment and shipping methods to your store. We have integrated the most popular ones ready to use and the list is growing.

Own domain and e-mail

You can get all the additional services you need for your online store or any other Finqu sales channel. For example your own domain, e-mail and Google tools.

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