You have tools in use immediately to increase your sales

Discount coupons

Create discount coupons for your products, to effect shipping costs or the complete sum of the order.


Create a general discount coupon and give it to the customer as a present card.

Purchase discount

Create discounts that scales with the total sum of the purchase. The more you buy the more the discount.

Customer loyalty discount

Create discounts that scales with purchases dont over the year, the discount grows the more you buy over the year.

Amount discount

Create discounts that depends on how much you buy, the more you buy the higher discount you get.

Customer groups

Create customer groups and assign discount percentages to them.


Alot of attention has been given to the search engine optimization on Finqu. And that results in stores created with Finqu to have a better position in the search engines. The effect on sales can be huge.

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Send newsletters with email to your customers using one of the worlds most famous tools for that: Mailchimp.

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