Omnichannel retailing

Finqu revolutionized the way to sell products

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Add buy button to homepage, blog, to video or wherever you wish.

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Sell with versatile online store.

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Sall in Twitter with tweets.

Finqu is more than just e-commerce service

Unlike many other services Finqu has more to offer than just an online store.
With using Finqu the same product can easily be distributed in several places of sale and thus reach a broader customer base.

Omnichannel retailing

Traditionally online store, shop and the other sales channels have their own software and management thus, selling is laborious and difficult. Finqu has solved this problem by creating an software where services and data will be stored in one place. At Finqu you can open as many online shops you ever wish without any kind of limits. Finqu isn't like any other e-commerce software, we have multiple different sales channels and our pricing is way different from others.

Online stores created with Finqu can be put on break when ever you want and it won't cost you anything. Because of this our service is perfect for merchants who can't do the same business all year long or just don't have time to run an online store. When you are done with the break you can republish your online store only with one click, easy isn't it?

With Finqu Buy Button it's very easy to sell your products and services via homepage, blog, Facebook or with any similar service. Finqu Buy Button creates a buy button from the product you currently want to sell so it's super easy to link it straight to your website.

Clicking the buy button will redirect you to checkout service where you can actually buy the product. Finqu Buy Button the main idea is to link your products to other sites with minimal effort and make buying process as fast as it can be done.


Sell personally in store

Coming 2016

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Sell on catalogues, on posters, info screens,
on maps and on TV.

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Sell on Pinterest.

Coming 2016
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