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Create an impressive online store in just minutes and manage all your data easily. Add products, process orders and manage customers quickly from just one location. All you need for selling successfully online.

Finqu online store

Beautiful free templates

Choose a layout easily from the free templates or create your own.
No restrictions: quick and easy modification of templates.

Works on all devices

All you need is an internet connection. Use a computer, a tablet or a phone.
Your customers can shop easily on any device, too. Offer your customers the best possible shopping experience.

PC / Mac

PC / Mac





All the features available

All the features of the online store are immediately at your disposal, and you do not need to pay more for them later.
Create the best online store with Finqu.

Easy to use

The merchants think that the service is easy to use, too. We have assembled all the features necessary to sell online into one easy-to-use package. If you can use a computer, you can use Finqu.

No restrictions

The service does not include artificial restrictions regarding the quantity of products, storage space, data transfer, etc. All the features of the online store are immediately at your disposal for boosting your sales.

Guaranteed visibility

Online stores created with Finqu are automatically search-engine friendly. Search-engine friendliness makes your online store show up high in search results and guides customers to shop at your online store.

Multiple payment methods

The service includes by default all common payment methods used in ecommerce. All you need to do is to sign a contract with the payment-service provider. Next, you can easily enable the payment methods by entering the required identifiers.

Ready-made extensions

The service includes several ready-made extensions for third-party service providers, such payment and logistics providers, etc. This enables expanding the features of the online store easily without separate integration.

Developed automatically

The service is being developed continuously, and the updates become available automatically without any additional work by you. Thanks to the free updates, Finqu never goes out of date. Choose a cutting-edge, maintenance-free service.

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