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Are you a advertising agency, freelancer, digital agency or some other who wants to create online stores for their customers?

Make the dream online store for your customer. With Finqu you can edit the layouts CSS & HTML files and create a personal look for the customer and at the same time you'll be using the markets most advanced online store service and the customer thanks you.

5 Facts about Finqu

Build an online store for your customers without cost and time pressure

With Finqu its completely free and theres no time limit on opening and building the store. There will be no cost at all before publishing even if it would take a year to build the store. All of the merchant information, layouts and other content stays saved for free. You can publish the store also for lets say one day a year ? and thats why the service is great also for seasonal sellers.

Easy to use and alot of features

There is a comprehensive amount of features in Finqu for the merchant to use in one easy package. For example the layout can be modified easily with the drag & drop - editor without any coding skills. On the other hand you can also access the layout by HTML / CSS for more heavyduty modifying. We continuously develop the service with new technology and ideas and points given to us by our customers.

Top value for money on the market

Finqu doesn't have different packages or restrictions in its features. Wit hus the customer gets to use all features instantly and even for a really affordable price. Our price is even 2-10 times more affordable than other providers. We are able to offer the service due to international needs and modern trending cloud services. Our pricing model revolutionizes the market.

Much more than just an online store

Finqu has many sales channels. and with us the customer can split the products onto different sales channels if needed. its also easy in addition to the online store to sell on social media, broschures and shops. We have progressed well on Omni-channel sales. Our way of doing business in revolutionizing and we show the way for the future in e-commerce.

Good rewards for our partners

We here at Finqu appreciate recommendation and offer a 600% fee for every new customer. Its enough that the customer opens a new account through your recommendation link and the customers are automatically counted as your recommendations. Read more about the Finqu Affiliate program.

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