POS system

We combine online store and store

e-commerce and store
  • Products and inventory balances up-to-date

    The information on products sold at the online store and at the store is always consistent, as you manage them from the same place. Real-time inventory balances effectively block inventory sales.

  • Effective marketing

    Customer information and campaigns work through all sales channels. For example, the same discount code is redeemable at the online store and in the store. Marketing remains under control and is effective.

  • Joint reporting

    The online store and the store have comprehensive joint reporting. For example, a sales report for the account is generated with a single click of a button on a monthly basis. Track and develop your business with versatile reports.

  • Removes extra work

    Removing extra work is an easy way to save time and money. Savings can be significant by managing products, orders, reports, and campaigns from one place. It enhances the whole business.

In 2018 you get the software for online store and store under the same roof and they also work seamlessly together.