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A suitable package for every need, without any artificial restrictions.


For the hobbyist's online store

A popular package for enthusiasts and e-commerce for beginners. With less than 10 products without a monthly fee.

0 / month


  • Extensive features
  • Connect your own domain name
  • Fits for product quantity 1-20
  • Sales 3% commission


For growing online store

A popular package for the on-going and growing online store. Start selling easily, quickly and really cheaply.

29 / month


  • Extensive features
  • Connect your own domain name
  • Fits for product quantity 1-20 000
  • Pre-installation within a week for 0$ (worth 160$)
  • Free customer service


For successful online store

A popular package for online stores which seeks a strong sales growth. Assisted with automated sales and marketing activities.

49 / month


  • Extensive features
  • Connect your own domain name
  • Fits for product quantity 1-20 000
  • Pre-installation within a week for 0$ (worth 160$)
  • Free customer service
  • Sales leads and Booster
  • Brand free (Without Finqu logos)

Store's POS system

Modern POS system for selling at store


Easy-to-use and easy-to-access POS system application for stores and pop-up sales.

29 / month


  • Extensive features
  • Fits for product quantity 1-20 000
  • Free customer service
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Did you know this about Finqu packages?

Our packages include all the basic features right from the very beginning. Within the package, the price will be staggered according to your product quantity, ie you pay only according to your actual product quantity. It always guarantees you the right and the cheapest price, without compromising on the features.

VAT 24% is added to the prices. The contract period is the selected billing period. Terms of use.

Merchant comment about Finqu

”A forward-looking, innovative and value-for-money online store platform. The required integrations are complete both for receiving payments and for sending products. Editing the pages, I found it easy when i realised the logic behind it -> easy to use even without being so good with the computers. Yes from me!”
- Heidi

Extensive features

For example, all these features are immediately available to you

Discount cupons Share the codes that entitle you to discount

Purchase discount Discount based on the shopping cart amount

Cross-selling Advertise different products together

Related products Show other products which are related to this product

Product packages Create product packages at discounted prices

Product categories Unlimited amount of product categories

Product quantity Grow on the most appropriate pace as your business grows

Product photos Automatically scalable product images

Product information Versatile product information

Product variants Add product variants such as size and color

Customer groups Featuring unlimited amount of customer groups

Customers Customer information management

Order management Versatile and fast order processing

Shipping labels Direct printing of shipping labels

Product returns Tools for product returns managing

Inventory tracking Includes modern inventory management

Sales report Accountsable sales report

Inventory report Accountsable inventory report

Payment options All major payment methods included

Payment method restriction Restricting eg. according to customers and shipping methods

Klarna Checkout Automatically included (coming soon)

Delivery methods Posti, Matkahuolto, DB Schenker and many others

Shiping methods restriction Restricting eg. according to products and payment methods

Own domain Connect your own or use Finqu's domain

Search engines Search engine friendly e-commerce platform

Templates Elegant and responsive online store templates

One-page checkout Online store has one-page checkout for customers

Optimized for the mobile devices Templates automatically adapt to different devices

Product reviews Customers can review the products they buy

Blog Include blog posts to an online store

Photo gallery Include photo galleries to an online store

SSL security Security is included automatically

Languages All languages ​​available

Countries All countries available

Currencies All currencies available

Newsletters A direct integration to the Mailchimp service for free of charge

Software updates Includes automatic updates

GDPR Tools to fulfill the EU Privacy Policy

Google Connect your online store to Analytics and Adwords services

The feature you needed wasn't found on the list? Ask for more from the customer service. Finqu has the best tools for increasing sales.

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