A comprehensive service at an affordable price


A popular package for a regular online store. Start selling easily, quickly and at an affordable price.

Starts at 22 / month


  • Product quantity 20 000
  • All basic features
  • Free templates
  • Free SSL security
  • Sales leads
  • Booster™

Billing cycles

  • 12 month, price 22,00 / month
  • 6 month, price 25,00 / month
  • 3 month, price 29,00 / month
  • 1 month, price 33,00 / month
  • 1 day, price 39,00 / month


Strong sales growth for online stores. Automated sales and marketing activities.

Starts at 59 / month


  • Product quantity 50 000
  • All basic features
  • Free templates
  • Free SSL security
  • Sales leads
  • Booster™

Billing cycles

  • 12 month, price 59,00 / month
  • 6 month, price 68,00 / month
  • 3 month, price 73,00 / month
  • 1 month, price 79,00 / month

Wholesale uses the online store pricing.

Other sales channels and additional services

  • Buy Button 0 € / month
  • Tag 0 € / month
  • Twitter 0 € / month
  • Control panel additional users 1 pc 15,00 / month / pc
  • Control panel additional users 3 pc 13,00 / month / pc
  • Control panel additional users 5 pc 11,00 / month / pc

24% VAT will be added to all prices. The contract period and notice period is the ongoing billing cycle. Services will automatically shutdown at the end of the billing cycle if they are not renewed. Transactions can be tracked from the internal payment account of the service. Terms of use can be read here.

Take your time on building your online store

Try the service in peace without compelling time limits. Try and build an online store for six months without any costs. Payment will only be made when you publish an online store or start a billing cycle.

Setup flow

Frequently asked questions

Can I try out the service?

Yes. The trial does not have a time limit, and it is completely free of charge.

Does it cost something to open the service?

No. The trial and opening of the service are completely free of charge.

Do I get free layouts for my online store?

Yes. Professionally designed free layouts are available.

Can I open 5 online stores under one single dashboard?

Yes. You can manage all your sales channels from just one location, and their number is unlimited.

Do I need separate hosting services?

No. The service includes the storage space and all the other necessary technology automatically.

I sell products at fairs. Can I open an online store for weekends only?

Yes. You can open the store when needed. You will pay only for the days that you keep it open.

The trial is completely free of charge, with no strings attached.