Finqu's Terms of Use and Conditions

These terms of use apply for services offered by Finqu and for Finqu`s homepage. (March 2015) Changes in the service and the addition of new functions will void these Terms and Conditions, and they are replaced by new conditions. By continuing to use Finqu`s services, the user accepts all the changes to the terms of use. Changes affecting the terms of use law will enter into force Finqu`s terms of use immediately if the legislation changes. This domain is owned by and responsible for it is Suomen Valmispalvelut, Uudenmaankatu 1 B 24-25, 05800 Hyvinkää, FI1758332 (later Finqu). In addition to these Terms Use may be subject to data protection applications.

1. General

The user of Finqu must be at least 18 years of age and fully capable to enter into agreements and conduct business. The user bears fully responsibility for accuracy of any inputs and the obligation by the service received economic benefits. Using the service and scrolling Finqu`s home page require the user to comply with the legislation and regulations of the region.

2. Joining to Finqu

Joining is done either by filling the registration form or clicking Start Here-button in home pages of Finqu. By joining the user must give correct email or use own Facebook or Google accounts. The use of the service requires that all the information given is correct. The user may not reveal Finqu password to any third party. Joining Finqu the user indicates acceptance these terms and conditions to be responsible breaking the rules. Joining Finqu and using it is free of charge. At Finqu one may use paid services, the use of which will be charged from day to day price.

The information of the user joined in at Finqu will automatically be saved in for customer register. After accession Finqu may send messages to email of the user. The user who joins to Finqu Business will automatically join to Finqu shopper – service unless the user has earlier joined in. Finqu Shopper is one of the services of Finqu. Joining Finqu Shopper and it`s use is free of charge. Through Finqu Shopper the user can follow up all own orders and make new orders using all Finqu channels and there is n need to register. Finqu and it`s subsidiary have right internally to handle and give out the customer register deposited in Finqu.

3. Finqu Credit

In Finqu there is in use own internal currency: Finqu Credit (FCR) Finqu reserves the right to change the currency exchange rate. The redeemed credit cannot be exchanged for cash back. Credit is needed for introducing Finqu paid services like online shop or domain names.

The user can load credits to the Wallet which acts as payment account to use for pay service of Finqu. Credits can be loaded to Wallet in two different ways. Client can purchase credits using his online bank. Another way to load credits is to redeem a voucher for the purpose. The user can load credits to the Wallet which acts as payment account to use for pay service of Finqu. The user can print a receipt for purchases Finqu credits through own Finqu Account.

4. Finqu Wallet

Finqu reserves the right to close a user pay services, if the user wallet balance is negative. When user register or move domain to Finqu must he ensure domain name or transfer key spelling, any domain unlock and other for domain movement related acceptance and confirming. In case if domain transmission failed for previous mentioned reasons, however for domain transfer will be charged transfer fee according to Finqu pricing.

5. Daily charge

The client Finqu Wallet will be charged once a day according to pay service in use. Exact time of charging may vary. If the services were in use less than 24 hours, the minimum charge in advance is for services is a day.

6. Cookies

Finqu take advantage of the service providing cookies. Cookie is a short text format information which Finqu will transmit to the user`s browser, which in turn stores it in user`s computer. The meaning of cookies is to facilitate the use of Finqu for example in remember the data since the last time. Part of the Finqu services might require in order be function allowing cookies in user`s browser. More information of cookies can be found either in browser´s guide or in the internet page of Browser`s manufacture.

7. Other Rights

Registered users required to log in for Finqu at least once a year (365 days). Finqu reserves right to delete user Finqu account, credit and all the data unless the user do not log in as mentioned above. Once the data has been deleted, it cannot be returned. Finqu may inform all registered persons about the development and service related benefits. Finqu reserves the right to change day charges of services.

Finqu may inform you through email regarding all the development in the service. Finqu reserves the right to make modifications on the daily cost of the service.

8. Responsibility, restrictions and disclaimer

As a service provider Finqu is responsible for the data in this e-commerce, however Finqu is not obliged to examine the legality of data or files stored by the user. Finqu cannot be held responsible for errors in service or action failure which are due to Force Major or the action of the third party.

Finqu disclaims all liability that has not been specifically defined by law. In addition to this Finqu reserves the right exclusive to terminate the service wholly or part of it and Finqu don’t give a give guarantee of eternal service. Finqu provides service to the best of knowledge and with available recourses retaining the right to change the content. Finqu is not responsible for the service or register offered by the third party.

The user is responsible of all published content and it does not offend anybody, is legal and is in accordance with principles of morality. Finqu reserves the right to delete all the material which do not correspond this terms and conditions. The publication or reveling of the code key included in Finqu service to the third party is considered to offend the rules, which may result in prosecution against the user.

Finqu`s liability is limited only to the technical operation of service. Hence, Finqu is not responsible for the services, sold by Finqu of the products, delivery, handling orders, delivery times, warranties, complaints, product returns or other products for sale and related to order processing situations. When ordering Finqu sales channels, without exception, an agreement is reached between the customer and the sales channel that owns the user. Finqu is not responsible for damages that caused by insurmountable obstacles, such as changed circumstances, disaster or situation like that.

9. Abuse

To prevent abuse Finqu will store client information such as client`s IP address. The above mentioned Finqu will keep the data secret and will not release it to the third party. Finqu is entitled to receive compensation for losses caused by fraud or its attempt. In case of abuse situation Finqu has the right to prevent a client to use Finqu services without prior warning.

10. Final Terms

Finqu reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

Finqu reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. These terms and conditions and all legal links between Finqu and its users are governed by Finnish Law. Disputes will be tried to resolve primarily through negotiations. If negotiation is unsuccessful, the right place at the District Court of Hyvinkää in Finland.

Hyvinkää, 1.3.2013