Pioneer in omnichannel commerce

The roots of Finqu date back to the early 2000s, when three pals began with customised online stores. After numerous successful projects, they decided to come up with an easier way for merchants to engage in ecommerce.

This idea ultimately gave birth to Finqu, a company that bursts the outlived operational models of ecommerce. We are the first to combine the online store, the store, social media and other sales channels under one single service. At the same time, we are making selling easy, inexpensive and nice.

We are Finqu – We revolutionise commerce.

Finqu logo
Verifone profile Jussi Pennanen

”When a merchant begins conquering the world with a single solution by Verifone and Finqu, they won’t run out of steam at the Baltic Sea, but keep going until they reach Australia.”

Collector profile Mikael Anstrin

”We have already cooperated with Finqu very successfully for several years.”

”‘We offer advanced payment methods for merchants and customer-friendly payment methods for consumers, in cooperation with Finqu.”

Klarna profile Marja Merentie

In cooperation, Klarna and Finqu offer your customers a seamless purchasing experience. Simple and flexible, without complex registrations.”

Consignor profile Petri Karjalainen

”Finqu’s new approach is revolutionising the ecommerce market by freeing the merchant from the chains of contracts and increasing the customers’ freedom to choose the delivery method that suits them best.”

‘Developed in cooperation, the service is secure and its straightforward approach has a positive effect on your conversion rate.”

Svea profile Maria Jokinen

”‘Since Svea Ekonomi is an international finance company, it was clear that we would engage in cooperation with Finqu.”

Finqu truly meets our requirements!”