E-commerce comparison

Comparison of United Kindom's leading providers of e-commerce services

Online Store
Monthly Price £ 15 £ 24.99 £ 20.99 £24 £ 22 £ 12
Transaction Fee 0% 0% 0% 2% 0% 3%
Start and Pause
Minimum contract period 1 Day 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Free construct before publication Unlimited 14 Days 1 Month 14 Days - -
Customer service by phone and e-mail included in the price Email
Setting service on free break
Free storage preservation
Online Store
Unlimited number of products 25pcs (limited)
Unlimited diskspace 20GB (limited)
Unlimited data transfer 10GB (limited)
Online store with own domain name -
Template and ease of use
Various ready-made and free responsive templates - -
Drag and Drop editing tool for templates - -
Sales and marketing
Orders by phone - -
Discount coupons
Gift cards
Discount based on the total price of Cart - - - -
Discount based on customer loyalty -
Customer group discounts - - -
Online Store
Realex Payment
Mobile-friendly checkout - - - - -
Real Time Carrier Shipping
Ebay integration
Amazon integration
API available
Online Store
Sales Channels
Online store
Wholesale (Limited access)
Facebook 2016
Pinterest 2016
Buy Button
Tag (brochures, billboards, etc.)
Shop 2016
Other features
Limiting delivery methods - - - - -
Limiting payment methods - - - - -
Product return handling - - -
Opportunity to create own account - -
- Information not found from homepage

Prices VAT 0%. All information has been gathered from public web sites 11 November 2015.
If the information is incorrect, please contact us . Finqu is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

Which things are taken into consideration in the comparison?

We focus mainly on the important features and restrictions. often the online store providers advertise hundreds of features, but in reality no one needs them all. Normally only a part of the features available are necessary.

In finqu we develop features based on the merchants wishes, in cooperation with them. In our opinion this is the best way for productdeveloptment. You can always give us ideas and wishes, and we will aim to fulfill them.

Often the providers makes different service packages to choose from. The point in this is to get the customer with either a really cheap or free solution and then later force him to buy the expensive package to move on. You can basically say that limits only exist to make money, since for example diskspace, file transfer or increasing the product amount doesn't increase the cost for the provider.

In Finqu we only have one affordable package including all features. Thanks to the modern cloud services and automization of the basic things we can offer the best bang for buck on the market. Finqu also has a unlimited tryout time and pause. This is the way it should always have been in our opinion.

We made it easy to create an online store

Starting an online store isn't as hard as it might sound, atleast not with Finqu. Forming the store doesn't require expensive softwre, servers, meetings, consulting or other similar. Aslong as you know what you want to sell and to whom, then you can setup even a big store in one day without help from a third party source. Adding the products and productgroups takes most of the time, but that we have simplified for you aswell and made it easy. An online store can be built in a nutshell in the following way.

  • 1. Choose a layout that suits you from the comprehensive selection of layouts and add your own logo and pictures to it aswell as the colors.
    All of the layouts are responsive so they work great with mobile devices aswell as with a computer.
    No third party help is needed to design the layout.
  • 2. Add the payment methods that you want from the extensions
  • 3. Add the shipping methods you want and the price and limitations for them
  • 4. Write some content to the store, like your contact information and so on
  • 5. Add product grops and products
  • 6. Test out the store and the checkout by doing a test order
  • 7. Great, now you can publish the store and start selling

Its actually this easy.

Read more here on starting an online store.

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