Revolution in ecommerce

We began creating online stores more than a decade ago. We have created hundreds and thousands of online stores. We have seen the constant growth of ecommerce and the ongoing mobile revolution. We have witnessed numerous success stories, in which companies have upped their turnovers to millions from a blank sheet.

Finqu changes the way to sell and buy online

”One of the most essential goals is to make ecommerce easier for merchants and consumers.”

It’s easy to open an online store

The service is equally suitable for novices and a bit larger or more experienced companies. You can open an online store without initial investments of any kind. Get all the features right away without any restrictions. All you need is products to sell. That’s all.

A responsive online store

One of the cornerstones of ecommerce is making purchases possible on any device. We have spent an untold number of work hours on developing responsivity, so that your customers will get the best possible purchasing experience, regardless of the device they use. This is how the customers will return to your store again and again.

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You do not need an online store to sell online

The world is constantly changing, and we want to be part of that change. This is why we have revolutionised the ways to sell online and elsewhere. The entire internet can be your online market, but you do not necessarily need an actual online store. The Buy button, social media and the Tag for print media are our new sales channels. All the sales channels offered by Finqu contain the features and functions familiar from our online stores.

A revolutionary price

Using the service is free of charge. Only after you have published your Online Store or Store , we will charge you for a daily fee that amounts to less than the cost of a cup of coffee. If you want to put your Online Store or Store on break, the price falls to zero again. We will store all your data without charge. The pricing of the other Finqu sales channels has been made extremely easy. The price of the Buy button, social media and the Tag is always zero. Easy.

Recommended by merchants

”Finqu surprised us with their awesome customer service. They always answer our requests quickly and with expertise. The simple platform of the online store works great, and Finqu clearly seems to have a motivated staff that is taking the site forward in a positive way. RECOMMENDED BY UKKO!”

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