Smart order management

Finqu revolutionized the way to handle orders

When handling the sales, all the necessary things are broken down to easy steps.
Built in the product refunding calculates the refund sum and add's the stock level.
Several automatic functions save time and money.

Finqu collects sales in one place

Finqu's smart order management collects all orders in one place and managing of sales will be quick and easy wherever order has been registered. Order editing is fast and easy because all the necessary recipts, packing list and the other printouts are generated automatically with the logo of your company. The processing of the order has easy steps, by following the steps customer can be informed of the progress of the treatment.

Product returns

Finqu's order management have its own function for product returns. Finqu calculates the customers return of products, automatically refund the amount of money, fixes the stock balances and creates credit sales report. Finqu's highly automated product refunding is an invaluable help, for example in clothing trade which includes a large number of returns.

Product return process

By automating everyday routine Finqu releases the merchant time for more important things.

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