Omnichannel sales

Finqu is a pioneer in omnichannel commerce. Just add your products and start selling effortlessly.

Sales Channels

Multi-channel commerce solution

Why sell in just one location, when you can make sales in many places at the same time?
Choose the sales channels that suit your business and start easily today.

Online Store

Set up a professional online store with a complete set of features and a gorgeous layout.

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Let only approved customers access your online store.

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Sell in store, at a fair or even at the marketplace with a modern POS system.

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Buy Button

Transform your website and blog into an online store. Start selling easily.

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Tweet about your products and turn social media into a worldwide online store.

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Finqu Tag

Add an online store to brochures, packages, digital signs or just about anywhere.

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The trial is completely free of charge, with no strings attached.