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Do you teach e-commerce or trading online

Finqu is a new, modern and one of the fastest growing online store services on the market. Wehave broken the old functioningmodels and taken the online trading to a new decade. With the free buildtime and unlimitation our service also goes well to train with.

5 Facts about Finqu

Free and unlimited setup time

Here at Finqu the stores are opened without any cost and building them is also completely free. There are no fees for opened stores, and you dont have to be in contact with us regarding it either. All modifications and changes done to the store stays saved for a year. And if you want to publish the store its only one click away.

Comprehensive and easy to use

Theres alot of features for the mechant in one easy package. For example modifying the layout is easy with our drag & drop editor, there is no need to have knowledge on coding. Our goal is to continuously develop our service and make it even easier to use using new technology and feedback from our customers.

The markets best bang for buck

We have made the service to include everything and all features into one affordable package. The merchant gets all the features ready to use without restrictions and even then our price is the most affordable on the market. The chance to offer the service for this really low price has been made possible because of automatization, internationality, and modern cloud services. Our pricing is revolutionizing on the market.

More than just an online store

With us the merchant can divide the products onto many different sales channels. in addition to the online store you can sell on social media, diplays and shops. Our plan with Omni-Channel sales in revolutionizing and we are many steps ahead in our area. We are showing the direction of e-commerces future.

We pay our partners a fair reward

We pay 600% of the monthly fee reward for the customers you bring in. Only thing you need to do is direct the customers to us with a recommendation link and we will mark the customers that they were brought in by you. Read more about Finqus recommendation program.

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”By using Finqu you ensure that your students get the best tools on the market.”

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