Simple pricing

Finqu revolutionized the way of pricing

Free opening
and construction
No commissions or
other hidden costs
After publish
affordable day charge

Finqu's pricing is most likely to be the fairest in the market

Usually there is a short trial period and after that bills begin to run even if the sale would not have started. There is not any kind of time limits for construction of your online store at Finqu. Feel free to spend as much time as you want to build your online store of your looking. When you feel that you are ready just publish your sales channel and billing will start from that moment.

Another common practice is to offcer different priced packgages, which will cost more to get necessary features. Finqu has changed the case. Finqu is totaly free until you publish your online store and all features are immediately available at an affordable price. Finqu offers the best opportunity to intiate sales growth.

Unlike any other services Finqu also includes free marketing channels and the merchant information such as product, order and customer information. All the information will be stored in one place without any cost.

Open and construct your online store without any fees or hurry.
You can access all the information from one place at no cost.

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