Why Finqu?

10 reasons why Finqu is the best service just for you

Online Shopping Revolution

Finqu is one of the most advanced international services for selling products. Finqu boldly crosses the outer bounds and is a pathfinder to future online shopping.

Finqu is easy

In Finqu we have done things differently and you will be flattered how easy using Finqu actually is. Despite the large amount of actions you have to take, it does not make it hard to use. Finqu’s advanced management system shows you necessary things you need the most.

Clients ready to buy

Finqu has its own Shopper service to make purchasing even easier. Finqu users can buy from all the stores by using only one account.

Helpful support

Finqu does not leave anyone alone. Whenever our comprehensive support center does not answer to your questions we are delighted to help you personally. It is also free.

Finqu is unlimited

We have no restrictions in features, product amounts, storage or data transfer. To us limits are old school and childish. Get more in our cloud.

Responsive Finqu

Responsive site scales perfectly to user device. Finqu looks always good no matter what device does your client use. One good example is our checkout which revolutionizes the habit of purchasing online.

Your Looking

You probably would not like to watch our default wallpaper forever. No worries - in Finqu you can change it. Make Finqu look more like you and we promise, your daily routines will turn out to be a bit more like home.

Finqu is smart

Finqu has integrated various smart actions for a better merchant experience. We have thought the experience through and made it simple just to save your time and money

All the data - one place

In Finqu you can easily put your products out for sale. Also your products can be purchasable in multiple sales channels at the same time such as your online store, Facebook and in your store. Sales channels are able to track smartly your product stock amount in real time.

Management of products, orders, customers, and all other information, is always done easily in one place. All data are kept in a secure place free of charge, even if the service is not used.

Online store of tomorrow

We develop Finqu all around the year to make it even better service for you and your clients. We are making Finqu for you - merchants and customers. Your opinion matters and that is why we can make Finqu perfectly suitable for you.

One minute setup

Finqu opening wizard will guide you how to get started with your online store. Try it out without any risks nor bonding. You will not be disappointed.

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