Modern centralized product information

Finqu revolutionized the way to manage product information

Free product increment and storage
Easy and quick to use
Extensive product information
Scalable product images
Stocks monitoring
Multilevel product options

At Finqu you can easily manage your products in one place

Finqu has many sales channels but only one product management. You can access all your sales channels from our product management so it's easy to keep everything up to the date. The changes you make from product management takes effect immediately in each channel of sale where product is marketed. Traditionally for example, having two online stores usually means that both of them have their own product management system.

Real-time stocks monitoring

At Finqu the storage inventory will be always up to date even if the product is on sale simultaneously in several online stores and shops. Real-time monitoring of inventory is very important because the inventory carried out by short selling will cause a lot of unnecessary work in the form of payment refunding to the customer.

Repeated stocks of short selling does not help in increasing the good reputation of your online store. At Finqu the stocks will be up to the date because our real-time monitoring system and cause of that your short selling of stock problem will be gone for ever.

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