E-commerce revolution

We began to provide online stores for almost 10 years ago. We have put thousands and thousands of stores into effect. We have also seen the explosive growth of the e-commerce and the breakthrough of the mobiles. We can also proove that a million buck business can come out of nowhere.

Online shopping revolution

”One of our most important goals is to make the online shopping easier for the merchants and the customers.”

Opening an online store is easy

Our service suits both newbies aswell as bigger companies. The webshop can be opened witohut any investment. All features are available for use without any restrictions. The only thing you need to open one, is an email adress. Nothing else.

No credit card required. No upfront costs. Unlimited trial.
Start now or talk to one of our experts.

Responsive online store

One of the most important parts of a successfull online store is the checkout. We have put down some serious amount of time on developing ours, so that your customers can enjoy the best shopping experience with any device there is, and this way, they will return to your store over and over again.

Ukko online store

You dont need an online store to sell online

The world keeps on changing, and we want to change with it. Thats why re revolutionized online sales. The whole internet can be your online store. Whatever channel can be your sales channel - no online store is needed. The buy-button, social media and printable tag channels are our new sale channels. All Finqus saleschannels include the same features as our online store does.

Revolutionized pricing

Any use before publishing is free. And after publishing the store we credit the daily fee, which is below the cost of a cup of coffee. If you want to place the store on hold, the price is also a solid zero. All information is stored during the pause. also other saleschannels pricing has been made easy for you. The buy-button, social media channels and the tags price is allways a zero. Easy right?

”We are really satisfied with Finqus service. For a beginner with online stores it has been a huge support to have Finqus customer service helping us out to create the store. Our store also bumped into problems on the weekend and even then, the customer service was spot on. We are glad to recommend Finqu.”

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