Finqu challenges the giants

A decade ago a company had to have a homepage. Today they need to have a webshop. Now the consumer searches for stuff to buy by using a mobile phone. What does he do tomorrow?

Starting a webshop is easy. There is alot of suppliers out there and alot of promising newcomers. But which one of these is suitable for your business? Bigcommerce, Volusion, Shopify, Tictail...

Or the new player Finqu?

Lets be honest. Your business needs some of the important functions, comptetetive pricing and a mobile friendly service. And then one more thing: SALES.
But lets start from the basics.

Opening the service and pricing

Different packages with differnt prices are history. We all know how hard it is to choose the right package for you out of many choices. How Netflix or Shopify does it ? You pay one decided amount and get unrestricted usage. Thats how it should be. And this is how Finqu does it - atleast almost. Finqu starts to cost only after publishing the store for everyone to see and also then the only cost you will pay for is the half a dollar day price. So for example you can sell christmas trees for a week per year. Before publishing the store, building it and using it is completely free and all the features are available without any fake restrictions. You can build your store for a week or for a year it doesn't matter. the price is still a solid zero.

But thats it about the online store. You can also sell elsewhere. Finqus buy-button, social media saleschannels and the revolutionizing tag channels pricing is really really affordable and simple. Its totally free. Unlike other providers, you have to buy the whole online store service to get these functions attached to it. Finqu doesn't have these restrictions.

Start selling

You get the online store aswell as any other saleschannel activated with a few clicks. Then you create the product groups, choose payment and shipping methods that fits your needs. And now we are allready close to publishing. And its at this point where Finqu stands out from the crowd. You can assign products, payment methods and shipping methods to its own sales channel. The order management collects all orders into one place.

If your starting point is an online store, the first thing you should focus on is the layout and use time to set it up. The customer makes his decision in 3 second whether the store is trustworthy and good or not depending on how it looks. The layout and user experience decides that.

Choose a layout that suits your products or your company. All layouts that Finqu has are mobilefriendly, free and you can modify them completely. Finqu might be the only service where you can modify the layout with drag & drop tools. By dropping things to their right places you can create a spectacular layout without any skills in HTML/CSS. If you though know how to use them, then you can do whatever you want.

Features, addons, security and maintenance

Even if Finqu have been developed for some years, the service is one of the newcomers on the market and understandably all small tweaks aren yet developed. We have over 300 features and basicly you will get everything you need. And as Finqu is, its clear that all features are free. Countrywise localized Finqu promises to fulfill the missing addons and features. Your information is secured and backuped. As with all the other providers, all technical stuff gets taken care of for you.

Which one to choose ?

All big online store providers make it easy for you to start a functioning store. Finqu is one of the most affordable on the market, which is important, but not decisive. The features of the store is pretty much the same whichever provider you go with. All offer support for the service and depending on the package by phone, email or by chat when you bump into a problem. With Finqu you get support, whether youäre a paying customer or not.

But lets go back to whats important. The phenomenon is the same as when searching for apartments. Position, position, position. Its about sales and where you sell it. Finqu is from the start to be a service with which you can sell in whichever channel you want. With other providers the saleschannels are more of a added feature. Today we buy from an online store, tomorrow through social media, next year we can point the phone against the tv and buy from a commercial. Finqu is ready for all of this.

Revolutionizing the online store

Finqu is a fresh newcomer on the veterans playfield. We have put down alot of thought on the important things in the service and then we came out of the box. Sometimes it might be a long stretch but in a positive way. The opportunities the service gives are on a totally different level than with the others.

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