Frequently asked questions

We have put together on this page some frequently asked questions with the answers of Antti from our customer service.
If you cannot find the answer from this page please contact our customer service we will gladly help you.

I can not read such. Can I get the answers on phone?

Absolutely. Our customer service is available for weekdays at +44 20 812 30 220. Other times you get a response via email.

What is Finqu?

With Finqu you can create an online store easily, quickly and at no cost. Finqu is an easy-to-use e-commerce service, where you can get everything needed such as mobile-friendly templates, online banking, domains, e-mails, extensions, partners, etc. Finqu is suitable for all merchants, as well as beginners and experienced.

How to set up own online store?

Creating online store on Finqu is very easy, first select the layout you like the most and then create your Finqu account. The online store will be created in seconds after you are succefully completed the account creating process. You can instantly begin to construct your own online store for your looking.

Do you have extreme long fixed contract period?

No we don't have such a thing. We believe in our service and we don't want to tie customers in long contract perioid. In Finqu contract period is always 1 day. So you can stop using our service in no time if that's want you want. The main idea of this short contract perioid is to avoid any financial losses in long term. We at Finqu like to offer all merchants opportunity to be an online retailer with affordable pricing.

Is it true that Finqu doesn't have any kind of limits for amount of products or disc space?

Yes, that's totaly true. Finqu doesn't have those foolish limits which other online store services have. Also on Finqu you gain immediately access to all our features available to help your sales education at an affodable daily price.

Does Finqu have optional features for products?

Yes. Finqu have many kind of features to select for products.

I need a nice layout for my online store. How I can have one and can I modify it by myself?

At Finqu we have range of stylish and mobile-friendly templates in different colors. At the simplest you can get a nice online store appearance through the introduction of pre-made templates and linking it with your own logo. You can modify the look of the template through online store management panel where you can build your template like a puzzle from the parts. We have our own template Designer which helps greatly in order of modifying your online store for your looking. The way how our Designer works is called "Drag and Drop", simply choose an extensions which you want to use and drag it into your template. We have made customization of templates super easy and more is to come. All of this won't require any skills of programming, building your online-store is like assembling a puzzle. If all of this customization isn't enough, you can modify your template by changing it's HTML and CSS code, this is for the experienced users.

I need my own domain, for example Can I open it through your service?

Of course you can. After opening sale channel from Finqu you can easily buy domain through us with ending of .fi /.com /.net / etc...

I also need an email like

Because you already have domain we can easily create email account for you from desired domain.

I already have a domain name (eg. Can I get it to appear in Finqu?

Absolutely. You can keep your domain on current webmaster and it can be redirected to your Finqu online store with no issue. You can also transfer your current domain to our maitenance. In both cases your online store should appear in the address bar as "".

I already have an online store. If I move my current online store in to Finqu, do I have to add every product to your system by hand?

That's a very good question. There are many different of kind e-commerce softwares around and therefore there is no simple answer to your question. At Finqu we are constantly developing new migration tools to fit in more cases to allow for an easy transition of your products.

What kind of products you can sell with Finqu?

Almost everything that local Law allows to sell. Facilities such as an appointment or digital products is not currently avaible to sell at Finqu but they are also coming in the future.

Does my site have good rank on Google search?

Yes, your site should have good rank on google search. Together with focusing on search engine optimization of our partners have made Finqu very search engine friendly and online stores will reach good investments in various search engines. Finqu has all the elements that provide good search results on search engines. To gain even better visibility on search engines you need to create your content more specific and unique.

Finqu sounds good. Why do I choose you instead of another provider?

We can recommend for you other e-commerce providers. By testing those e-commerce platforms you can clearly see why you should choose us.

These did not respond to my questions. Where can I find more answers?

Please send your questions to our customer service via email or call +44 20 812 30 220.

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