Versatile product information

It's easy to manage even a big amount of products using productgroups

High quality product images

Product pictures

There is no restriction or limit on the quality or amount of product pictures. You can upload for example 20 good quality pictures and that way boost your trading. It's also possible to add Youtube & Vimeo videos to your product.

Product Options

Product options

You can also add many different product selections. There is no limit or restrictions on that either and if needed they can also be assigned to follow stock values.

Related products

Related products

With the related products function you can link products to eachother, so that they will be seen as product selections but they have their own product. Normally this is only possible in expensive online store platforms.



The comprehensive storage management follows up on products values effectively and in realtime. The product can be sold in many places by still using only one storage and yet you cannot oversell.

Centralized product information

One product information

Whether you sell on one or ten online stores, you manage the product info from one place. The well developed product management removes duplicated product cards and makes it easy to manage.

Free storage

Free storage

All of the merchants information is stored for free. The information is stored even if you close the store, and dont pay anything for the service. Which makes it possible to check for example your reports for accounting later on aswell.

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