Sell online

Mobile shopping, payment methods, delivery methods, and the rest


Mobile friendly checkout

The one page checkout is optimized to work perfectly on the mobile aswell and that makes it possible to shop on your mobile as easily as on a computer. You can be sure that not a single order gets lost due to a confusing checkout.

Payment methods

Easily activate the payment methods that your customers desire. And it's enough to just make a contract and put in your credentials to activate them. ask more about the pricing directly from the payment provider. Finqu doesn't credit youanything for activating and using these extensions.

Payment methods

Read more about the payment methods and make a contract:
Authorize.Net | 2Checkout | Stripe | Paypal | bitpay | Klarna

Delivery methods

Use methods that suits your store.
Create as many delivery methods as you want without restrictions.
You can easily print the shipping lables for your orders with Consignor Oy.

Delivery methods


Create limitations on the order by its size, weight, price or destination. With the comprehensive limitations you can sell anything anywhere to anyone.

Global store

Finqu represents all the countries and their currency. You just choose where you want to sell and insert the taxes and you're done to sell globally.


Sometimes the customer isn't happy with the product and wants to return it. Finqu has a return function that makes it easy since it goes through the order management. An effective return management saves money and time.

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