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Finqu is known for great customer service

Customer service answers quickly to your questions and if you have any kind of problem with our service, we are there for you.
You can contact us by email and on weekdays via telephone. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Clients comments

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”We are happy with Fiqus services. It was easy and quick to start the online store. Its also really nice to see that Finqus team continuously develops and adds more features to the service, which are one step ahead of the other providers. Special thanks to Antti, you have taken care of Karajas online store matters quickly and professionally. Thank you.”
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”Finqu surprised us with their awesome customer service, our requests gets answered and fixed really quickly and with expertise. The online stores simple platform works well and Finqu obviously has a motivated team which is positively taking the site forward. UKKO RECOMMENDS!”
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”We are really satisfied with Finqus service. For a beginner with online stores it has been a huge support to have Finqus customer service helping us out to create the store. Our store also bumped into problems on the weekend and even then, the customer service was spot on. We are glad to recommend Finqu.”

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